Consulting 咨询服务

Academic Coaching

For kids who need practice and challenge as they prepare to study abroad



为准备出国留学的学生  全程辅导和应试挑战


Advancement and Test Prep

For Students on the Fast Track who need help with big tests such as:

TOEFL Junior, Cambridge, ISEE, IELTS and TOEFL



帮助学生快速通过小托福, 剑桥,雅思和托福测试。


School and University Consulting

For families and students who need help with choosing and applying to the most appropriate school or University.  Searches, applications, letters, essays, resume/CV, Visa help



专业帮助家长和学生选择        和申请国外学校.包括
搜索,申请,推荐信,论文,简历,         签证帮


Personalized VIP Tutoring   

For students struggling with scores and confidence