Benefit of Middle and High Study Abroad 国外中高等教育的好处

The Influence of Study Abroad on Middle and High School Students   Young People who took part in survey reported the following:   98% – Had a better understanding of their own cultural values   97 % – Studying abroad was a means of increasing their maturity   96% – increased their self confidence   […]

Why Study Abroad? – Part 3 为何出国留学?3

64% of employers say graduates with International backgrounds are given greater professional responsibility and earn higher salaries 为何出国留学 – 第3部分 64%的雇主表示,具有海外背景的毕业生将获得更高的职业职位并获得更高的薪水

Why Study Abroad? – Part 2 为何出国留学?2

64% of employers think international experience is important when they recruit someone for a job 为何出国留学 – 第二部分 64%的雇主认为,当他们招聘某人工作时,拥有海外经验很重要

Why Study Abroad – Part 1 为何出国留学?

  92 % of employers are looking for skills that cross over. They include CURIOSITY, PROBLEM SOLVING, TOLERANCE and CONFIDENCE. Improve your Career Development! 为什么出国留学-第1部分 92%的雇主都在寻找跨界技能。他们拥有好奇心,解决问题,宽容和自信。 促进你的职业发展!

The benefits of study abroad 出国留学的益处

ACADEMIC学术方面     SOCIAL社会方面   PERSONAL个人   Language and cultural immersion西方文化与语言的洗礼 Increased social maturity社会见识日益成熟 Personal and cultural adventure丰富个人文化的经历 Academic growth 学术方面的进步

Myths about college 国外大学的误区一

Good grades in High School are important 高中阶段高分很重要 All schools require IELTS or TOEFL and GRE    所有的学校都要有雅思或托福,GRE的成绩 I need to decide on my career first 我需要先规划我的职业生涯 If I have not heard of the college it can’t be very good  如果是我没有听 过的大学就是不好的学校 You should go to the most prestigious college       你一定要进最好的大学 Big colleges are better       学校越大越好 […]

谁支付学生到国外学习?政府资金可用!Who Pays

2017年,虽然绝大多数学生是自筹资金(541,300或88.97%,在所有在中国境外学习的学生),但国家赞助继续在帮助大量学生实现其海外教育抱负方面发挥重要作用。 由于国家资助,共有31,200人,包括12,800名访问学者(41.17%)和13,200名研究生或博士生(42.29%),能够在94个国家学习。 接触国际教育环境使这些回归的学者在战略重要领域具有全球洞察力和竞争优势。 参加海外项目的当地政府或雇主赞助人数达到35,900人,比上一年增长119.71%。 Who Pays for Chinese students to study Abroad? Government Money Available! In 2017, while the vast majority of students were self-funded (541,300 or 88.97% of all students studying outside China), state sponsorship continued to play a major role in helping a large number of students realize their overseas educational ambitions. In […]

Chinese Study Abroad on the Rise 中国留学崛起

Education expert Yu Minhong has forecast a rise in the number of Chinese students studying abroad over the next five years. China is the leading source of international students for foreign universities and colleges, and even more of its young people are preparing to go abroad to study over the next five years, according to […]